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The Sharesight Mobile App is designed to work as a companion to the main Sharesight website. It offers access to your portfolio’s performance and holding specific information showing the capital gains, dividends, currency gains and overall value of each holding.

Sharesight mobile app

Get started with Android

The Sharesight Mobile App can be downloaded via Google Play on every Android device. To log in use your Sharesight email and password.

Get started with iPhone

The Sharesight Mobile App can be downloaded via the Apple store. It runs on iOS 8.0 or later and can only be downloaded on an iPhone 5 and newer. To log in use your Sharesight email and password.

NOTE: Make sure to keep the app updated with the latest version to ensure you benefit from the latest improvements and features.

View the home screen for an overview of all portfolios

The overview page shows the gain for each of the portfolios included in your Sharesight account and shows the value as at a fixed date range. The page can include just open positions, or open and closed positions.

  1. Percentage versus Dollar figures click the icon next to each figure to toggle between percentage or dollar.
  2. Help, Terms and logging out to view the help pages, terms and conditions or to log out click the little wheel on the bottom right of the page. SharesightMobileAppSS1

Click into a portfolio to view in-depth holding information

  1. The advanced settings allow you to change the date range, group by certain groupings or include the closed positions.
  2. The little circle allows you to toggle between return figures in dollars or percentage.
  3. Click on a holding to view in-depth information pertaining to that holding. SharesightMobileAppSS2

Include the closed positions

To view both open and closed positions in the portfolio overview, click on the settings icon on the bottom or top of the right-hand side of the portfolio page: SharesightMobileAppSS3

View Cash Accounts

The cash accounts visible in your Sharesight portfolio will be included in the Sharesight App. If you wish to add a cash account or fixed interest item to your portfolio follow these steps.


Last modified on August 19, 2021 UTC

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