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Saxo Markets and Sharesight have partnered together to enable Saxo Markets’ clients to seamlessly import their Saxo Markets trades into Sharesight. Making it easier than ever to leverage performance insights, dividend tracking, and tax reporting.

Note: This connection is only available to SAXO Australia account users. Sharesight portfolio Tax Residency must be Australia to enable the integration successfully.

Step by step guide:

1 - Login to or Sign up for Sharesight.

Note: This connection only shares your trade history investment data with Sharesight, no personal account data is shared.

2 - On the ‘Let’s get you started with Sharesight’ page, select the ‘Import from your Broker’ tile.

2 Saxo import

3 - Click on the Saxo Markets tile.

1 - Saxo Markets import

4 - The Saxo Markets’ login page loads. This is a Saxo Markets page, Sharesight does not have access to your login details. Type in your login details and click the ‘log in’ button.

4 - Syncing Saxo Markets trades

5 - Back in Sharesight, the ‘Import trades from Saxo Markets’ page loads. Your Saxo Markets trading accounts will appear in the dropdown list marked ‘Please select an account’. Select the account you wish to import.

Note: Saxo Markets separates your trades into different accounts based on the traded currency, i.e. US stock AAPL:NASDAQ trades in USD are held in a USD Saxo Markets account.

All Saxo Markets accounts can be imported into the same Sharesight Portfolio, this is done one at a time.

Sharesight portfolio calculations are based on the Tax Residency of the portfolio. All investments will be displayed in the portfolio currency set by the Tax Residency country.

Foreign trades traded in a different currency will be automatically converted to the portfolio currency and show an exchange rate. The currency fluctuations will be calculated into your portfolio performance.

For example: Apple, APPL:NASDAQ traded in USD - Sharesight portfolio is an Australian Tax Residency portfolio, AUD.

In the portfolio, the USD trade will have an exchange rate of USD to AUD which will be factored into the performance. To view a foreign investment in home currency, create a portfolio with Tax Residency as the markets home country in this example a US Tax Residency portfolio.

5 - saxo import

6 - Select the date range of the trade history you wish to import. (Default is from first trade.)

Note: If you have already populated your portfolio by using the Trade Confirmation Emails feature, select the date from the last time you sent a contract note to Sharesight. Importing from the first trade will duplicate the trades in the portfolio.

6 - Saxo Import

7 - There are two default selections on the ‘Import trades from Saxo Markets’ page:

‘Automatically import valid trades’ - have ticked for trades that Sharesight can import, go straight into the portfolio without reviewing. (They can be reviewed in the portfolio.)

‘Display trades with errors for review’ - have ticked for trades that Sharesight can’t import be reviewed in the uploading process. (Trades that Sharesight can’t import can be viewed at a later stage in the portfolio in the Transactions log).

7 - Saxo import

8 - Click the ‘Import’ button.

8 - Saxo

9 – If you selected to review trades the trade reviewing page will show an itemised list of all or just the error trades imported from Saxo Markets depending on your selection on the ‘Import trades from Saxo Markets’ page. Verify and edit the trade data as required. To import edited error trades unselect the ‘Do not import’ tick box. Then click the ‘Finish’ button.

Note: Sharesight will not import CFDs these have to be added manually using the Custom Investment feature.

11 – Your Sharesight portfolio will be populated and the Portfolio Overview Page will load.

Your investments will be calculated by Sharesight’s performance calculation methodology which is a money-weighted return methodology, meaning the investment performance takes account of the size and timing of cash flows.

Sharesight will automatically create dividends and corporate actions for the investments you have imported.

Saxo portfolio imported

Now that you have populated your portfolio, we recommend you:

1 - Review the trades imported:

a - Handle any negative holdings - Holdings with fewer buy trades than sell trades (occurs when transferred stocks from another broker or off market trades)

b - Handle any non-automated corporate actions

c - Set up any Dividend Reinvestment Plans

2 - Verify and confirm automatically generated data (dividends and corporate actions)

3 - Share access of your portfolio with your accountant

4 - Add your other investments to Sharesight

5 - Explore Sharesight’s extensive reports

6 - Use Sharesight to help you complete your tax return

Note: If you have already populated your portfolio by using the Trade Confirmation Emails feature and emailing you contract notes. Turn off the Trade Confirmation Emails feature as you can now sync your trades using the Integrations tab.

Learn how to Sync your ongoing trades from Saxo Markets.

Last modified on November 16, 2022 UTC

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