Recommending Sharesight to a friend

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Please help us to spread the word about Sharesight by telling your friends! The Recommend Sharesight link at the bottom of the page provides a quick and easy way to invite other people to try Sharesight.

It will send an email to the person that you invite giving them a brief explanation of Sharesight and inviting them to sign up for a free account. InviteFriendBottomOfPage

You may optionally include a personalised message which will be included in the email. EmailPopUp

The content of the email is similar to the following example:


Andrew has invited you to sign up for a free Sharesight account. Andrew has included the following message for you… Hi Scott, Check out this great online share management system.  It has cut down my admin time heaps and I now really know how well my portfolio is performing To accept the invitation, please follow this link: XXXXX

What’s Sharesight anyway? Sharesight is an automated, online share portfolio management system. Sharesight is designed to make keeping track of your investments easy. Powerful reporting gives you insight into the true performance of your portfolio and provides the information required for tax and compliance reporting.

You can learn more about Sharesight on our website – Finally, the free version of Sharesight allows you to manage up to 10 shares, but if that doesn’t cut the mustard we have premium subscriptions available too.

Check out our pricing page for full details. You’re free to upgrade your account at any time.

Kind regards,

The Sharesight team

Last modified on March 13, 2020 UTC