Interactive Brokers Retail Integration

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Follow the instructions below to setup an integration between your Interactive Brokers (IB) account and Sharesight.

This integration is for retail clients only. However we do support multi-account IB structures such as advisors.

It’s important that the base currency of your IB account matches your Sharesight portfolio’s base currency. If these are different, then any foreign trades will be imported into Sharesight with incorrect exchange rates.

Once you have completed these setup steps, your trading activity will be automatically imported into your selected Sharesight portfolio on a daily basis.

This feature is currently in a beta phase

It’s important to note that beta functionality may not yet be considered stable and/or may be part of a larger work in progress. As such, it should not be relied upon until it has been officially released. There is also no guarantee that beta functionality will be available to you on an ongoing basis.

Steps to create integration

  1. Ensure that you have the Enable Beta features flag set at the bottom of my details

  2. Send an email to:, include your IB account #, and request the Sharesight feed.

  3. You should receive back from Interactive Brokers a user name and in a separate email a password specific to this integration only.

  4. Access the new Interactive Brokers UI here: Interactive-Brokers-Entry

  5. Enter the credentials you have been given here: Interactive-Brokers-Form

Once per day IB will send a file through to us that includes your days trading. We will upload these at approx 9:15 pm AEST.

Last modified on June 26, 2019 UTC