Moving an unquoted instrument holding to a listed instrument


Sharesight is continuing to expand the range of investments that we support. Because of this you may find that we now have data available for an investment that you originally had to manually create as a custom investment.

The move to a listed instrument function allows you to move an unquoted instrument holding to a listed instrument so that prices and distributions can be updated automatically from the Sharesight database.

Using the move to a listed instrument tool

The move to a listed instrument tool can be found under the settings section on the holding page for an unquoted instrument holding. To use the tool, simply click on the link and select the listed instrument that you would move your holding to using the market drop down list and instrument search box.



There are some limitations that you need to be aware of when using this function:

  • The move function is non-reversible. Please make sure that you select the correct listed instrument in the search box. If you are unsure, try adding a dummy holding first to make sure everything looks correct (delete your dummy holding again before using the move function).
  • Country Setting the country setting of the custom investment dictates to which Market, Mfund or Fund it can be merged into. For example,custom investments with the country setting ‘Australia’ can only be merged into Australian listed investments, Mfunds or FundAU and so on.
  • The move function is not yet available for fixed interest holdings.
  • The move function works by creating a new holding in the selected listed instrument and then copying your trades and dividends/distributions from your existing unquoted instrument holding to the new listed instrument holding. The unquoted instrument holding is then deleted. Because of this any existing hyperlinks to the old unquoted instrument holding or it’s transactions will no longer work. Examples of such hyperlinks include links contained in the Sharesight alert emails and weekly portfolio emails and Sharesight links included on Xero invoices if you have set up Xero synchronisation.

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Last modified on March 31, 2017 UTC