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Connect your Interactive Brokers account with Sharesight to sync your ongoing trades into your Sharesight portfolio. All Sharesight and Sharesight Pro users can connect their Interactive Brokers account to their Sharesight portfolio.

Note: This integration is only available for Interactive Brokers brokerage account holders. No other brokerage account can be connected via the Interactive Brokers integration.
Note: We only allow for the import of standard buy and sell trades via the integration. Short selling transactions, including short and cover trade types, are not supported.

Only 7 days of historical trades will be imported to Sharesight. To import your historical trades outside of this range, follow our guide below:

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How to connect your Interactive Brokers account to Sharesight

1 - Send an email to: and include your IB account number and request the FTP details required for the Sharesight integration.

2 - Once received, log into Sharesight

3 - Click on the ‘Account Settings’ menu from any page in Sharesight.

4 - Click onto the ‘Connections’ option

Interactive Brokers NEW

5 - Click the ‘Add New Connection’ button to add your Interactive Brokers account


6 - Enter the following details:

A) Your Interactive Brokers account name

B) The FTP username and password you received from Interactive Brokers via the email in step 1.

C) Click the ‘Create Integration’ button once finished.


7 - You’ll now see your IB integration appear on the manage connections page


8 - Return to the overview page and click the ‘Integrations’ tab in Sharesight.

9 - Click on ‘Interactive Brokers’


10 - From the drop-down menu, select the connection you created

11 - Enter your Interactive Brokers account ID in the text box underneath. Select your email notification preferences

12 - Click the ‘Create Integration’ button to finalise the connection.


Once created, your ongoing trades will import into your Sharesight portfolio from Interactive Brokers automatically.

Note: Your Interactive Brokers trades will be sync to your Sharesight portfolio twice per day. These trades will only import once they have reached the settlement date in Interactive Brokers.

Last modified on August 19, 2022 UTC

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